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Barb and Bjarne's Pacific Adventures

Memorable Quotes:

    Q: What do you get after pouring too many popcorn kernels into the pot? A: Over-pop-ulation. Joke arrived at after preparing over-enthusiasticly for movie-night.

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Latest News:

April 2, 2018 And that's about it for this season... We're spending our last day on the Baja side of the Sea, preparing for our crossing over to Guaymas where we will store Hoku Pa'a on land. It's been a lot of fun and time has really flown by! We won't be (flying, that is) - instead we'll be driving our car back to BC, aiming to be home by the end of this month. We pulled together a quick summary of highlights from the past couple of weeks which have mostly been spent near civilization. You can peruse the journal and photos here. Cheers!

March 18, 2018 Another month has passed already! There were some surprises, but also some comfortable 'normal' experiences. February was colder than any of the long-term visitors can recall, and that included the water temperature. Brrrrr! We were smiling though at the usual antics of grebes all diving at once, and the pelicans who are such efficient fishers. You can read more about it in our journal in the chapter Cool February in the Baja. There are also some new fish in the FishID section, including the sleek GaffTopsail Pompano and cute Longnose Puffer.

We are presently anchored off Playa Santispac in Bahia ConcepciĆ³n, and our plans are to continue having fun in this general area for another couple of weeks, and then make the jump back across the Sea to the mainland, where we'll begin preparations to store Hoku Pa'a.

February 16, 2018 Well, WE MADE IT! Hoku Pa'a is launched and we've had a good sail across to the Baja. We are presently anchored at the north end of Bahia Concepcion, with plans tomorrow to sail (downwind, hopefully) to Caleta San Juanico. So far, all is working almost perfectly (you wouldn't believe us if we said everything was perfect :)

We've updated our journal with two new entries and one updated one. Start things off with the section titled Hit By A Hurricane. Then move on to the updated Fixing What's Broken, followed by the all-new Still More Fixing What's Broken. Don't worry, it ends on a good note, which we'll tell you more about next time!

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