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Barb and Bjarne's South Pacific Adventure

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    It's an impatient person who undercooks 2-minute noodles.Barb, after testing her lunch

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A Much-Delayed Update

March 3, 2017 We are finally both back on Hoku Pa’a but instead of plunking her in the water as per our original plan, we are busy with an extra-long list of boat projects. Sadly, during Hurricane Newton, a stand failed and our boat was knocked over. A number of things were damaged, but the most significant and complicated to deal with is the mast. The good news is that we had just renewed our insurance.

Over the next few months, we sorted out the insurance claim and began researching things like: where to get a mast, how to transport a 51 foot stick, how to inspect keel bolts, and so on. Bjarne made two short trips to Guaymas to assess damage, get important measurements for replacements, and figure out what tools and materials were needed to get through the repair list.

With a box of tools, a newly straightened prop shaft, other boat bits and some camping gear, we drove down the west coast of the USA, playing tourist along the way. We arrived in Guaymas on March 1st and set to work.

We are making progress, but have also already had our first set back – the place to get the paper work for importing the mast is a 5 or 6 hour drive back the way we just came!

Still, it is good to be back on the boat.

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