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Barb and Bjarne's South Pacific Adventure

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    It's 5-o-clock somewhere...hey, wait a minute, I've got a five-o-clock shadow! That means 5-o-clock follows me EVERYWHERE! Bjarne's insight on the benefits of not shaving.

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Latest News:

17 Jul 2019 Here's an update from land-life: we have been hanging about Victoria since May, with a few excursions afield to visit folks. Hoku Pa'a is hopefully going to wait out the summer in Guaymas, while we work on our tans... We've written another blog post - this one showcasing creatures we've met in the water - see it here!

28 Apr 2019 We're back to being ground-pounders again! Hoku Pa'a is parked in a dirt yard in Guaymas, and we will be motoring north in our Echo starting tomorrow. It's been a great cruising season and we hope to be back at it again in the fall (northern hemispherically speaking)... Check out our Journal for stories and photos from our travels!

6 Apr 2019 Presently in Puerto Escondido, heading north, and aiming to cross the Sea of Cortez in about one week. Our latest journal entry deals with diversions at Bahia Concepcion, and we have updated the FishID section with some new eels and the world's largest fish.

11 Mar 2019 Heading out to the islands with aunt Dynee! Looks like the weather may be a tad cloudy (even showers tomorrow), but we expect fun in the forecast anyway. A new journal entry focuses on the wildlife of Baja - see it here. Enjoy!

05 Mar 2019 It's Carnaval time in La Paz! We're here for a few days to pick up Barb's aunt, and our timing happily coincides with parades and festivities along the malecon, which continue into the wee hours. Our journal now includes highlights from our visit to Punta Chivato - read all about it here.

05 Feb 2019 Wow! - we were treated yesterday to 20 minutes of humpback whale breaching and flipper-slapping, just outside our anchorage at Isla Coronados. Then today there have been rays leaping out of the water, and dolphins gliding past our boat. Fantastic! Our journal has been updated, with a post about Santa Rosalia - see it here. In a few days we hope to do some laundry, in Loreto...

27 Jan 2019 Just about to depart Bahia Concepcion, after a fun-filled 2 weeks that included an art-show benefit, hiking, hot-springing, and socializing. Our journal isn't quite caught up to the present, but we did post the final installment covering the Baja Midriff area - check it out here. Our next plans are to continue heading south, to Caleta San Juanico.

9 Jan 2019 Happy New Year! After a great time touring around some more northern anchorages, we finally made it back to a spot we've previously been: Santo Domingo, in Bahia Concepcion. There were so many great experiences and photos we split them over two journal entries - check out the Journal section to see more about our time in the Midriff Island area. Let us know what you think!

December 2018 Hola! Back in Mexico again! We had a great trip down in November, played boatyard dogs for 8 days getting Hoku Pa'a ready for sea again, and then spent three weeks floating around the Midriff Island area of Golfo California. We are now in Santa Rosalia, a scenic small town along the seemed like a good idea to be in a place for Christmas that had "Santa" in its name. We've posted a new journal and photos here covering some neat creatures we saw last April, and are presently writing the next chapter of our adventures. Cheers!

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