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Barb and Bjarne's South Pacific Adventure

Memorable Quotes:

    The difference between an ordeal and an adventure, is attitude. Bjarne's modification:The difference between an ordeal and an adventure, is 20 knots of wind blowing directly from your destination. Philosophical musing after a night spent beating towards Christmas island against wind and current, and only having 2 miles of progress to show for it.

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Latest News:

2020-05-02 We are underway! Hoku Pa'a left at dawn this morning from our anchorage on the Baja, to sail home to Victoria. It's about a 30-day passage, and you can follow our progress by clicking on the "Where Are We" link at the bottom of this page. So far it has been light winds, but we are moving along at between 3 - 4 knots, heading south to get around Cabo San Lucas.

2020-04-19 Tomorrow we begin our self-imposed isolation, as we leave Puerto Escondido. We'll slowly work our way to Los Frailes, near the southern tip of the Baja, checking that we haven't caught any bugs before we jump off into the Pacific. Though we'll be avoiding humans for the next two weeks, we hope to get close with the fishes, dolphins, and other sea creatures. Around the beginning of May we'll depart Mexico to sail to Victoria - an approx 3100 nautical mile trip. If you are looking for entertainment, our tromp through Puerto Vallarta in February is now captured in words and photos: find it in our Journal section.

6 April 2020 We are currently anchored in Bahia Marquer, where a light drizzle was falling on the desert this morning! All is well aboard, and we've been enjoying regular visits from dolphins. If you want to see where we are, try out our new 'Where Are We?' button, found at the bottom of this page.

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